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I'm a simple girl who enjoys the simple things. I'm a family girl and a homebody. I love to play outside with my kids in the rain. I love to bake, and hate to cook. I could look at old family photographs for hours. I love how with just a quick glance, you can almost be teleported back in time to that exact moment. I feel so blessed to be able to capture these moments in your lives, that you will share with your loved ones for lifetimes to come.

I am a hopeless romantic and a sucker for chick flicks. I love being able to capture and depict couples love stories, providing them with memories that will last for an eternity. In my spare time I play superheroes, dig in the dirt and act out Pixar movies with my number one little man. I enjoy traveling to new destinations, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. I get an uneasy feeling when I see an opportunity to capture an amazing moment and I am without my camera.